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Hand Gripper 10-100kg

Hand Gripper 10-100kg

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【SMART COUNTING GRIP STRENGTHENER】Our hand grippers are equipped with the latest counting function. Helping you know the training progress better. (Press the button firmly to count automatically, and rotate the button to clear the digitals)

【NEWEST DURABLE MATERIAL】 The hand grips for strength training, made of the latest upgraded material, have a longer handle than others, which is more convenient for you to hold. In addition, the handle material is strong and durable, which perfectly avoids the problem of the handle breaking during exercise!

【FULLY ADJUSTABLE GRIPS】Our grip strength trainer is super portable and allows you to work out anywhere - Home, car, office, and more! This lets you work out more, building muscle faster than ever. Our deluxe strength training grip strengtheners can save you hundreds on gym memberships and workout equipment

【SAVE ON THE GYM】Focusing on your fingers and forearms with our deluxe forearm gripper resistance trainers can save you hundreds on gym memberships and workout equipment

【MADE TO IMPRESS】Show off to your friends and family thanks to our simple, adjustable grip strength trainer! Great for men and women. Everyone will look and feel better with our premium hand gripper adjustable!

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