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RKA Boxing Mitts

RKA Boxing Mitts

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1. Resistant and high quality, target cushion boxing is made of lightweight, flexible foam that offers superior shock absorption, and polyurethane leather is easy to clean and maintain.
2. The separate finger design to keep your strength is evenly distributed across the hook & jab punch pads.
3. Elastic and adjustable strap design to keep your hands snug and in place even during the smoothest workouts.
4. Very flexible sponge and density, the sponge of these punch mitts are very flexible, quick recovery after hitting, not injured the trainer or coach.
5. Reasonably sized, these gloves are perfect for children and adults due to their unique design, help children and adults to improve hitting skills, guarantee the ripple effect. 

There may be a little color distortion due to different computer resolutions. There may be size errors due to different computer resolutions. 

Material: PU, foam
Color: Black, red
Size: 20 * 25 * 5 cm.

Package Content:
1 x kickboxing gloves

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